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On Monday 07.06.2021 a significant event took place organized by the Association “Orthodox Philanthropy Alba Iulia”, which was attended by teachers, county and local officials, clergy and specialists (psychologists, educators and social workers) from the Orthodox Philanthropy Association Alba Iulia. The meeting enjoyed the word of blessing of His Eminence Father Irineu, Archbishop of Alba Iulia and the interventions of special interest on the topic of the meeting, given by Mrs. Elena Ignat, Deputy Inspector General of the Alba County School Inspectorate, Mr. Valentin Frăcea DGASPC Alba General Director , Mrs. Oana Badea, the mayor of Aiud, Mr. Gabriel Pleșa, the mayor of Alba Iulia, Mr. Ioan Iancu Popa, the mayor of Sântimbru commune and Mr. Vasile Bica, the mayor of Berghin commune.

 The conference held at the “Peregrinus” Center in Alba Iulia, had as objective, according to the statement of Mrs. Daniela Truța, project manager “Through Education for Vocation!”, education, the confidence that all students can and deserve to reach their potential in school and career, while seeking to strengthen the skills needed for institutional development with an emphasis on forming and creating new partnerships and collaborating with decision makers. At the same time, we want, in the assent of all those who were present, an improvement of the communication within an enlarged professional community of teachers and of the possibility to exchange good practices ”.

Addressed to students at risk of dropping out of school, the project “Through education towards vocation!” aims to contribute to increasing the degree of social inclusion and school performance of students from 13 schools in the counties of Alba, Mureş and Bihor counties, by implementing a model of alternative educational services, complementary to the formal education system. The project “Education towards vocation!” is implemented by the “Alba Iullia Orthodox Philanthropy” Association in partnership with HEKS / EPER Romania Foundation, FAER Reghin Foundation and NEWschool Norway, within a funding through Norwegian Grants within the Local Development Program. The objective of the project is to increase the degree of social inclusion and maintain in the education system of 645 students in risk situations in the Central and North-West regions by creating activities such as “School after school!”, The program operator being the Romanian Development Fund Social.

 In Alba county the project is carried out in partnership with the “Ioan de Hunedoara” Gymnasium School Sântimbru Sat, the “Ioan de Hunedoara” Gymnasium School Sântimbru Fabrică, the “Mihai Eminescu” Ighiu Gymnasium School, the “Mihai Eminescu” Gymnasium School Țelna, Mihai Gimn School ”Șard,„ Florin Fleșeriu ”High School with Sports Program Sebeș,„ Demetriu Radu ”Gymnasium School Rădești, Berghin Gymnasium School, Miraslău School with grades I-VIII,„ Singidava ”Gymnasium School Cugir, Gymnasium School„ Axente Sever ” Center day for children „Pious Parascheva” Alba Iulia, Educational day center for children „St. Nicolae ”Alba Iulia.

Contact person:

Project Manager

Truța Daniela

e-mail: filantropia_ortodoxa@yahoo.com

website pages: www.filantropiaortodoxa.ro, www.eeagrants.ro, www.frds.ro