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Recently, a new textbook has been published for educators, teachers and pedagogues working in the social-philanthropic and educational field. The volume combines theoretical aspects with suggestions and examples of practical activities that can be implemented in the classroom, in the “school after school” programs, in day centers or family-type homes, constituting a guide that allows teachers to work not only with the rational-intellectual dimension of the students, but also with their emotional, motivational, attitudinal and social dimension. The manual was published by Reîntregirea Publishing House, with the blessing of His Eminence Irineu, Archbishop of Alba Iulia.

“The book, as a whole, is the result of authentic experience and connections in working with children, of the multiple interactions we have had over time with dedicated and responsible people, involved in various forms in the socio-educational field. It is the fruit of the moments of grace in which we felt, together with our colleagues, that we are connected to a common perspective, which we try to pass on. Our lives are meaningful in proportion to the depths of responsibility we take on. We are genuinely involved in improving things, minimizing unnecessary suffering, encouraging those around us, through words and personal example, limiting ill-will in our hearts and in the hearts of others “- said the authors of the Handbook, psychologist Nicoleta Presecan and Professor Laura Larisa Popa.

In June 2021, training courses were held on the use of the Inclusive Education Handbook, attended by 32 teachers and 16 volunteers involved in the project “Through education to vocation!”. Teachers were familiar with techniques and methods aimed at developing emotional intelligence, practicing desirable behaviors and attitudes, or knowing and consolidating talents, skills, and virtues. The training also aimed to develop teachers’ ability to respond optimally when faced with children’s behavioral problems (aggression, bullying, opposing attitudes towards adults) or with blockages in communication and response and avoidance behaviors associated with school anxiety..

“At the same time, in the textbook and in the courses, the efficient ways of communicating with parents were addressed, techniques for managing emotions and strategies for cultivating emotional and relational intelligence were disseminated in school and the importance of synchronization in life was highlighted, of the daily behaviors we have with our cardinal values, whether it is professionalism, family, morality, honor, freedom, dignity or faith; only in this way can we generate the energy, calm and involvement that children need. ” – said Daniela Truța, Project Manager.

The project “Education towards vocation!” is implemented by the “Alba Iullia Orthodox Philanthropy” Association in partnership with HEKS / EPER Romania Foundation, FAER Reghin Foundation and NEWschool Norway, within a funding through Norwegian Grants within the Local Development Program. The objective of the project is to increase the degree of social inclusion and maintain in the education system of 645 students in risk situations in the Central and North-West regions by creating activities such as “School after school!”, The program operator being the Romanian Development Fund Social.

Contact person:

Truța Daniela

Project Manager

e-mail: filantropia_ortodoxa@yahoo.com

website pages: www.filantropiaortodoxa.ro, www.eeagrants.ro, www.frds.ro