The conference for launching the Inclusive Education Manual, developed within the project “Through education to vocation!”, was organized yesterday, September 07, 2021. The handbook will be used by teaching staff, counsellors and school mediators in their work with primary and secondary school students.

The manual aims to present new methods of inclusive education in order to initiate a process of rediscovering the personal values and dreams of children and young people, to identify the skills needed to fulfil these dreams and the practical ways in which they can be subsequently integrated into the existing vocational and professional offer on the Romanian labour market.

The manual combines theoretical aspects with suggestions and examples of practical activities that can be implemented in the classroom, in School After School programmes, in day centers or family homes. Teachers are thus enabled to work not only with the rational-intellectual dimension of pupils but also with the emotional, motivational, attitudinal and social dimensions. The volume provides theoretical information and scientific explanations to support adults in the process of educating and training children. The handbook also presents practical methods and activities to strengthen the partnership with parents that is so necessary for the formation of a healthy, responsible and balanced future adult.

The manuals will be distributed for free to partners and collaborators, in particular to the primary and secondary schools involved in this project.

Targeting pupils at risk of dropping out of school, the “Through education to vocation!” project aims to contribute to increasing the social inclusion and academic performance of students from 13 schools from Alba, Mures and Bihor counties, by implementing a model of alternative educational services, complementary to the formal education system. The “Through education to vocation!” project is implemented by the “Filantropia Ortodoxă Alba Iulia” Association in partnership with HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation, FAER Reghin Foundation and NEWschool Norway, within a funding through Norwegian Grants under the Local Development Program. The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that it aims to present an optimal model for preventing and correcting school dropout by combining Norwegian educational methods in the Romanian education system, a model that will be applied in the selected schools from Alba, Mures and Bihor counties.  

Contact person:

Project Manager

Daniela Truța

e-mail: filantropia_ortodoxa@yahoo.com

website pages: www.filantropiaortodoxa.ro, www.eeagrants.ro, www.frds.ro