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Within the project “Integrated social services for the communities of the Țara Nasăudului LAG” coordinated by the Local Action Group Țara Nasăudului, in partnership with the HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation and the Civitas Foundation, the year 2022 is packed with activities.

After the entrepreneurship training, following a business plan competition, 10 businesses were financed with 25,000 euro each. HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation will manage the budget of 3 of them, active in the following sectors: iron workshop, carpentry, and restaurants.

Along with this activity, the trainings on food chef, pastry chef, elderly care and car mechanic, started. During the work mediation meetings, the participants in the trainings expressed their expectations from future employers and evaluated the existing job offers in the area, some of which can also be found on the project’s mediation platform: www.delucru-taranasaudului.ro developed by  HEKS.

Among the most important challenges faced by inactive people participating in the trainings are: lack of jobs close to home, limited job options adapted to young mothers and market instability faced by employers, which further creates instability in maintaining jobs. On the other hand, Tara Năsăudului, presents a series of advantages through the existence in Năsăud of a large number of employers in the textile industry and a growing number of small entrepreneurs.

The project continues with training activities on tailor and  commercial worker, job mediation activities, assistance in implementing business plans for the 10 entrepreneurs and social services for the elderly.