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The Board of Directors, which is the management body of the Foundation, has five members (one representative from Switzerland and four representatives from Romania), chosen for a period of four years, with the possibility of mandate renewal. The members of the Board have extended management experience in the economic and social field.

The members of the Board of Directors meet at least twice a year in ordinary meetings and as many times as needed in extraordinary meetings.

The Board ensures achieving the Foundation’s goals and objectives.

Members of the board:

Angela Elmiger, President of the Board, Desk Officer Eastern Europe.

Ing. Ioan Vlasa, born in 1968. Since 2002, executive director of FAER. Over 20 years of experience in project implementation, namely in the field of rural development, microfinance, consultancy and development of social services. SDC and HEKS project partner since over 20 years. Experience in project implementation in the field of Roma inclusion (education).

Dr. Szekely Anamaria Stefania, graduate of the Faculty of Medicine and Pharmacy Cluj-Napoca, specialist in family medicine, with competence in palliative medicine. Since 2006, Executive Director of the Reghin Branch of the Diakonia Christian Foundation, the home care service department. Since 2008, family doctor in Reghin.

Diana Chiriacescu, national director FONSS (Federation of NGOs for Social Services

Daniel Szekely, executive director SME clients and MicroBusiness, Banca Transivania

The Country Director, Emanuel Țapu (Economist, MBA) is responsible for the strategic management. His previous experience, besides many years in microfinance, banking and audit, includes experience in NGO field: Managing Norwegian funded projects, responsible for several activities and reporting in SDC projects in Romania, international Roma inclusion projects.