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HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation was registered in December 2015 and became operational in May 2016, having established an Office in Cluj and its first employee, the Country Director.

The Foundation’s mission is to support people from Romania who need social and economic help. Our projects address the marginalized and vulnerable groups of the Romanian society. To implement them, we work with various non-governmental partner organizations from the country.

The HEKS/EPER Christian values suppose respect for people of all cultures and religions. HEKS/EPER helps people in need, regardless of race or religion.

The main goals of HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation are:

  • Cooperating with Romanian partners who share the same values. Creating relations, cooperation and coordination within project and applying the program.
  • Attraction, coordination and management – in partnership with public Romanian and foreign authorities, public and private persons – of internal and international funds allocated for the social and economic development of Romania with a priority, but not exclusively, in the following area: development of the social sector, aiming to increase the standards of living for the underdeveloped social classes;

The founder of HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation is the Swiss Church Aid (HEKS/EPER) Foundation with its headquarter in Switzerland, Zurich.

HEKS/EPER Switzerland has been present in Romania since 1977, when it undertook a series of humanitarian actions in support of the earthquake victims. Since 1989, HEKS/EPER has continued its activity by constantly supporting communities in our country. At first, the HEKS/EPER program in Romania was focused on humanitarian aid (1990-1991), then on rural development (1992-2007) and on social services development (1990 – present). The opening of a Cluj-Napoca regional office marks a new stage and confirms HEKS/EPER’s commitment in Romania.