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The main objective in this field is to integrate Roma children into the mainstream education system by establishing, institutionalizing and up-scaling various supplementary educational support such as after school classes, catch-up summer kindergarten, other support on pre-school and primary school level and enhancing inclusive education. Implementation is done in close cooperation with the school inspectorates and municipalities and be as much as possible directly integrated in the regular school system.

The educational approach proposed by the project is well introduced and appreciated by schools, school inspectorates, municipalities, county councils and the Roma communities. Best indicator of appreciation, effectiveness and efficiency is probably the willingness of co-operation and substantial co-funding by local authorities (reached 50% of direct cost for the 4th project year in all partner locations). The impact and progress of the project is considerable as new partnerships were signed (reaching more than 70 localities), co-funding of 50% achieved, ASC models were replicated.

The above-mentioned facts are reflected in the results and outcomes obtained so far in the educational program: 97% registration of Summer Kindergarten beneficiaries in school, better academic performance and school attendance rate of more than 2000 After School/Day Center beneficiaries, better understanding of different cultures and ethnicities through the Joint intercultural activities. Teachers and auxiliary personnel are better prepared in the field of intercultural education. They were also provided with books and materials, which tackle personal development of beneficiaries. Moreover, parents seem to better understand the importance of education in their children`s life and development, due to different activities and events organized in class.

For more information regarding the impact of the After-school program, please follow the link:

The impact of the After-school program_2015-2018.