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Employability, employment and income (Economic empowerment)         

The main objective is to increase the income of participating families due to improvement of their vocational skills, fostering entrepreneurship and promotion of micro-businesses.

Employability: the main goal is to foster employability of the target group. Besides short-term vocational training also internships at companies and support for long-term vocational education (at vocational schools, technical schools, and secondary schools) shall be introduced.

Employment: the goal is to link interested Roma to both the local businesses and the public sector to try to integrate them into the labor market. The main activities will be networking and job mediations with private companies and public institutions.

Market and value chain development: created with the goal of a better integration of Roma people in existing value chains as sub-suppliers or service providers.

Self-employment, entrepreneurship and business development: the goal is to promote Roma led businesses and small-scale self-employment opportunities by assisting Roma, who can demonstrate resources and skills to operate viable small-scale agricultural, handicraft and/or service providing activities / businesses. For this client group the project facilitates better access to microcredits. The range of possible income generating activities shall be open. The main selection criteria shall be based on business potential, individual capacities and experience of the applying families.