Health and social assistance

The main goal of this activity is to improve access to health and social services for the target group. Pre-condition to get access to health and social assistances is adequate personal registration. Therefore, the project supports in first instance Roma to get properly registered (ID cards and birth certificate).

The reality shows, that even registered people without employment do not have access to health services (only emergency aid), because they do not pay insurance fees, which is for employed people deducted from the salary. To improve this situation an innovative model of “Home care services provided by Roma for Roma” is on the stage to start.

The third component deals with various counselling services and awareness raising on health prevention, hygiene promotion, alimentation, pregnancy, childcare, family planning, as well as access to medical and social services. These services are provided – with a group or individual case management approach – by Diakonia (social assistance and Home Care), GP, family doctors and other experts. Target group consists of approx. 2,500 Roma from 10 locations (Cluj and Bihor counties). Home care will is introduced in 5 locations, serving at least 1,000-2,000 people by end of the phase (2018).