From qualification to employment

  • 21/02/2023
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  • From qualification to employment

    “One thing that will stay with me after the Trade Worker course was how to complete an invoice. We learned how to complete an invoice, how to issue a tax receipt on the cash register and other types of reports,” said Mr. Nicolae Vartolomei, one of the course graduates.

    On February 10, the Trade Worker course exam took place, the last of the 6 training sessions organized within the project “Integrated social services for the communities of the Ţara Nasăudului LAG” for the following qualifications: Pastry Chef, Cook, Carer for the elderly at home, Auto mechanic, Textile maker and Trade worker.

    Mrs. Maria Mihase took a seat in the first bench with her niece, a primary school student. It was the solution to be able to participate in the exam but also to fulfil her responsibilities as a grandmother. Vocational training for professionally inactive adults can be a challenge especially for people who are responsible for a household or those who have been employed during the training activity. The main difficulty during this period for the training providers and the project team was to ensure the attendance of the courses and the active participation in them. This concludes another important stage of the project, after the training and financing of the entrepreneurs. Next comes the labor mediation activity, started in parallel with the training but which will continue until the end of the project. Of the trained people, more than 35 found a job or started their own business.