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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Programme under grant agreement No 849089.

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HOPE – Promoting non-discrimination in social housing and post-employment for Roma

Starting September 2019, HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation is implementing HOPE project, in partnership with the Resource Center for Roma Communities, as project coordinator. The project is funded by the European Commission’s Rights, Equality and Citizenship Program 2014-2020 and has a duration of 20 months.

Based on expertise and previous experience, the Resource Center for Roma Communities is responsible for coordinating the Housing component and HEKS/EPER Romania for coordinating the Roma inclusion post-employment component.

The project’s objectives are: fighting post-employment discrimination of Roma and supporting their inclusion at the workplace, supporting local authorities in implementing existing anti-discrimination legislation and policies for Roma inclusion in the field of housing and facilitating efforts to better inform Roma of their rights and for accessing social housing.

The expected results are: improved knowledge on Roma inclusion post-employment for 40 HR and middle management employees, improved knowledge of Roma employees regarding their rights and responsibilities and the organization’s rules, increased collaboration between Roma and non-Roma employees, increased capacity in implementing existing anti-discrimination legislation and policies for Roma inclusion in the field of housing for 30 LPAs, improved knowledge and competences in the field of social housing for 30 local experts for Roma, increased capacity in monitoring, reporting and preventing forced eviction cases for 15 NGOs.

Updates on project implementation:

In September-December 2019, collaboration agreements were signed with nine companies from Cluj and Bihor counties. The activity fields of the companies are diverse: cables, food industry – restaurant, collecting, sorting and recycling waste, furniture.

A questionnaire on Roma inclusion at the workplace was developed. The questionnaire has three sections: one for HR personnel, one for middle management (e.g. shift managers) and one for employees (Roma and non-Roma). A total of 296 questionnaires were applied in the nine companies: 222 were completed by employees, 64 by middle management and 10 by HR personnel. The report based on the collected data will present information regarding the personnel’s retention rate, possible reasons for a low retention rate of Roma employees, interactions between co-workers and with management inside the companies.