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Social inclusion and improvement of living conditions for Roma and other vulnerable groups in the counties Mures, Cluj, Bihor, Alba, Covasna, Salaj and Harghita

Project website: http://incluziune-sociala.faer.ro/

The project is being implemented between 2013-2018 by a Consortium formed by HEKS/EPER Switzerland (Lead Applicant), FAER Foundation from Reghin and Diakonia Christian Foundation Cluj-Napoca, along with the following implementing partners: Orthodox Philanthropy Association Alba, Diakonia Christian Foundation Covasna and Caritas-Social Assistance Association Mures. The project is co-funded by a grant from the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation.

HEKS/EPER Romania is actively involved in the project, under the supervision of HEKS Switzerland, its primary focus being to offer support to the Partners in all activities and to bring in expertize in the field of Economic empowerment (Job mediation and Value Chain).

The overall goal of the project is to improve the living conditions and the social inclusion of the Roma communities and other vulnerable minorities in the counties Mures, Cluj, Bihor, Alba, Covasna, Salaj şi Harghita.

To achieve that goal, the project applies a combination of various interventions in the following fields:

  • Education
  • Health and social assistance
  • Employability, employment and income
  • Improving living/Living/Housing conditions

The results obtained until now in the project:

Project line Activity 1st year results: May 2013 – June 2014 2nd year results: July 2014 – June 2015 3rd year results: July 2015 – June 2016 4th year results: July 2016 – June 2017
Education Summer Kindergarten 314 beneficiaries 552 beneficiaries 582 beneficiaries 496 beneficiaries
After School 516 beneficiaries 816 beneficiaries 1668 beneficiaries 2426 beneficiaries
Intercultural activities 2000 beneficiaries 1600 beneficiaries 5000 beneficiaries 5000 beneficiaries
Teacher training courses   50 beneficiaries 50 beneficiaries 25 beneficiaries
Non-teaching personnel training courses     30 beneficiaries 38 beneficiaries
Consultations for exam promotion     103 beneficiaries 134 beneficiaries
Partners 17 localities 30 localities 57 localities 82 localities
Health and social assiatance Education for health 285 beneficiaries 1000 beneficiaries 800 beneficiaries 850 beneficiaries
Social surveys 649 beneficiaries      
Case management     160 beneficiaries 200 beneficiaries
ID registration and renewal 50 beneficiaries 6 beneficiaries 60 beneficiaries  
Registrations at family doctors     21 beneficiaries 43 beneficiaries
Basic medical care     120 beneficiaries 104 beneficiaries
Medical care for pregnant women     17 beneficiaries 3 beneficiaries
Care against external parasites     45 beneficiaries 30 beneficiaries
Home care visits 456 visits 700 visits 1713 visits 6110 visits
Individual counselling services   120 beneficiaries 640 beneficiaries 800 beneficiaries
Qualification courses – caretaker 8 beneficiaries      
Home caretakers’ employments   3 employees   5 employees
Vaccinations       73 beneficiaries
Employability, employment and income Professional Qualification Courses   64 beneficiaries 63 beneficiaries 143 beneficiaries
Information campaigns     300 beneficiaries 441 beneficiaries
Job Mediations       316 beneficiaries
Access to microfinance   14 credits 8 credits 16 credits
Microcredits   128.000 CHF 100.000 CHF 157.000 CHF
Improving housing conditions Building new houses   7 houses 6 houses 9 houses
Building/renovation and bathrooms   4 works 18 works 19 works
Bathroom building   17 bathrooms 4 bathrooms