The adaptation of agricultural works according to the soil is a growing concern of farmers

  • 21/02/2023
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  • The adaptation of agricultural works according to the soil is a growing concern of farmers

    Plowing and furrow depth as well as GAEC (Good Agricultural and Environmental Practices) standards were topics of debate at the last information sessions within Practices on the ground project.

    Farmers from Frata, Cluj county, participated on February 9 in a meeting organized by the town hall, which included presentations and discussions on the New National Strategic Plan, the conditions for accessing direct payments and rural development measures , managed by the County Agricultural Directorate, but also a presentation with practical examples on ways of sustainable soil management, made by Mr. Engineer Vasile Zdrenghia, expert in the Practices on the ground project.

    The main questions raised by the farmers present concerned the following topics: conditions for support for crop insurance, the advantages and challenges of association in cooperatives in the context where part of the funds intended for the agricultural sector will be accessible exclusively by the associative structures, financing for young farmers but and the representation of farmers in the process of developing the applicant’s guidelines, estimated to take place in the next period.

    The discussion on GAEC standards and recommendations on agricultural practices for arable land raised a high interest among farmers. GAEC 7 Crop rotation on arable land brings with it a number of conditions for those who benefit from direct payments, such as: crop rotation at the level of the agricultural plot, excluding perennial crops, establishing, recommending the cultivation of crops that contribute to fixing nitrogen in the soil such as grasses, legumes, proteinaceous, oleaginous, honeydew plants.

    At the end of the meeting, some of those present stayed to request specialized advice on their own problems. There were recommendations regarding the use of the minimum tillage practice, (renunciation in the technology of a crop of plowing and part of the soil works) but also recommendations regarding soil fertilization, especially regarding the quantities used per hectare but also the importance of agrochemical mapping (soil testing included) to determine required dose.