The “Practices on the ground project!” was selected for funding

  • 17/11/2020
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  • The “Practices on the ground project!” was selected for funding

    The “Practices on the ground!” project, submitted within the Active Citizens Fund in Romania, was selected for funding. The project will be implemented by HEKS/EPER Romania Foundation, in partnership with FAER Foundation.

    The “Practices on the ground!” project is a complex and innovative approach to the issue of soil quality in agriculture in Alba, Bistrita, Cluj and Mures counties, proposing an integrated approach by involving authorities with competences in the field of soil quality preservation, farmers and producers and agricultural high school and university students.

    The project proposes a combination of activities aimed at raising awareness of different target groups based on research and dissemination of results, a component of monitoring the competences and capacities of public authorities in ensuring preservation of soil quality and of the practices of farmers and small producers to use and protect the soil. The advocacy component promotes good practices and proposals for solutions.