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The Romanian market presents a wealth of opportunities for both entrepreneurs and recently established companies to pursue their endeavors, offering a plethora of prospects for Ukrainians seeking to establish themselves in Romania. Below, you’ll find curated information for Ukrainian businesses and entrepreneurs considering entry into the Romanian market.

Learn from Ukrainians that successfully started business in Romania. Through the project funded by UNCHR and with the support of our partener, Open Fields Foundation, 6 start-ups were created in Cluj-Napoca in 2023. They were also granted with a 30.000 lei financial support. 

Olga Semernikova 
Robotic school for kids 

Maryna Hesal
Alexandr Smazhuk 
Online marketing school 
Miroshnichenko Larysa 
Hairdresser salon 
Evgheni Glazunov

Create a company in Romania

There are no legal provisions directly addressing the transfer of a company from Ukraine to Romania, only the incorporation of a new company is possible.

Ukrainian citizens cannot legally register as a PFA (Authorized Natural Person). The most recommended and simplest form of company registration is a Limited Liability Company (SRL).  Minimum registered capital: Minium 1 RON

Steps to set up a company:

  • 1. Choosing the legal form of the company.
  • 2. Choice of the object of activity.
  • 3. Choice of name.
  • 4. Drawing up the memorandum of association.
  • 5. Submission of the application to the Trade Register.
  • 6. Tax registration.
  • 7. Obtaining the necessary authorisations.
  • 8. Opening a bank account.

How many fields of activity can be registered for an SRL?

It is possible to register more than one field of activity within an SRL. Please note that some fields of activity may require special authorisations. There is no need for special authorisations when providing IT services (webdesign, say) but certainly there is a need for a permit for a restaurant or a medical clinic.

Download the full presentation for setting up a company in Romania.  See the video, with translation in Ukrainian, about setting up a company in Romania. Check main FAQ about setting up a business

Taxation of companies in Romania

At the beginning of the activity, when setting up a company, it is possible to choose between a MICRO ENTERPRISE or a PROFIT TAXABLE FIRM. This choice is made according to budget estimates, but it is necessary to know that a MICRO ENTERPRISE must fulfill certain conditions in order to obtain and maintain the status of MICRO ENTERPRISE.

A incorporated company could be considered MICRO ENTERPRISE until the value of the total revenue per year does not exceed the threshold of EUR 500,000. In this case, the taxes are:

  • 1%, provided that the entity would have at least one employee

For companies paying corporate income tax – the rate is:

  • 16% corporate income tax

Value-added tax

  • Standard VAT: 19%
  • Reduced VAT:
    • 9%, for several types of goods and services, such as (but not exhaustively): food, non-alcoholic beverage, orthopaedic products, plants, medicines for human and veterinary use
    • 5%, for several types of goods and services, such as (but not exhaustively): books, newspapers, access to cultural and sport events, social houses, catering and restaurant, hotel accommodation
Download the full presentation for taxation of companies in Romania. See the video, with translation in Ukrainian, taxation of companies in Romania. Check main FAQ about taxation of companies in Romania. 

This information is valid on 1st of September 2023. Please check the latest info on taxation of companies in Romania.

Here are some websites that provide uptodate fiscal and accounting info:

Running a E-Commerce business in Romania 

If your suppliers are from the EU, you benefit from significant customs facilitation, the products are duty-free, you don’t pay VAT when the products enter the country, and the import process is greatly simplified. If you buy products from outside the EU, the products will be customs cleared on entry into the EU and you will pay VAT on the invoice value + transport.

Learn about the process of running an ecommerce business:

● Choosing suppliers and products

● Logistics (fulfillment)

● Online sales platform

● Marketing

● Relationship with suppliers 

● Budget

Download the full presentation for running E-Commerce in Romania (See the video, with translation in Ukrainian, about running E-Commerce in Romania. Check main FAQ about running E-Commerce. 

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